Live Event Art

-capture your event in a unique and creative way-

-capture your event in a unique and creative way-

Live Wedding Painting

Live painting is a new trend that adds a unique element to your wedding!  Nicole's live wedding paintings engage and entertain your guests while capturing all of the special details of your big day! The painting can be a gift for your in-laws, a treasured heirloom, or even a surprise for the bride and groom!


Live Digital Sketches

Live wedding guest sketches are a great addition to any wedding! Send your guests home with something to treasure and remember your wedding day by!


Sketches are the NEW photo booth!

Personalize you sketch by adding a logo, wedding hashtag, or custom text!

Mini Painting Favors

Sending your guests home with a custom mini painting will leave a lasting impression on them!


Each painting has its own unique touch, no two paintings are the same!


3 in by 3 in paintings.