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The Quotidian:

Portrait Photography


Class: Photography 1 .


Students were challenged to embrace the quotidian, the everyday, in a photography portrait project. Students were asked to select 2 of the options below and capture 50 photographs in total.


Option 1: STUDIO PORTRAIT. Capture yourself/someone else in the studio with lighting (props optional). This should have a professional feel to it. (Studio)


Option 2: RECREATE AN ARTWORK. Capture yourself/someone else posing with an everyday object modeled after an artwork. (Studio or Environmental)


Option 3: PORTRAIT WITH BACKGROUND. Think about the subject's environment and how it can enhance the portrait. You can make a backdrop, find an existing backdrop, or use Photoshop to create the background. (Studio or Environmental)


Option 4: POSE WITH AN OBJECT. Capture yourself/someone else interacting with an everyday object. (Environmental)


Nicole taught this lesson during her student teaching placement at James Madison Memorial High School.

Grade: 9-12

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