Pet portraitsclick to enlarge

Pet Paintings

-the perfect way to capture or remember your furry friends-

Canvases can be purchased in just about any size. These are just a few examples. If you are looking for a size smaller, bigger, or in between--no problem! I am here to make your vision come to life.

Price of painting = cost of canvas + cost of artwork

Artwork prices for one pet portrait/face:

12 in by 12 in $150

14 in by 18 in $180

18 in by 24 in $210

20 in by 24 in $230

24 in by 24 in $240

24 in by 30 in $280

24 in by 36 in $320

30 in by 40 in $360

36 in by 36 in $420

36 in by 48 in $480

Do you have two dogs? Some choose to have their two dogs painted separately, while others choose to have their two dogs in one painting. 


Artwork prices for two pet faces in one painting:

18 in by 24 in $360

20 in by 24 in $380

24 in by 36 in $480

36 in by 48 in $630

Nicole takes great time and care in creating a personalized

approach to every commission collaboration; customizing each aspect of the painting to perfectly complement the vision of the client. 

To learn more about the commission process please view the pdf booklet below. Feel free to contact Nicole to discuss your vision or with any questions you may have. 

Thank you!